Tiny Home FAQ

Can I have one in my backyard? Tiny homes are not permitted on Saskatoon city lots at this time, though cities are shifting their mindset on this as the need for more affordable housing options grows. Check with your local municipality to find out the laws about tiny homes where you live. There are initiatives […]

50 Years In the Making

Over the years, many of our customers have asked “What does the ‘J&H’ stand for?” We’ve heard quite a few theories about it too, so we thought it might be time that we provided you with a little history of the “J&H” and give you a glimpse into the life of the company’s founder, Harold […]

10 Great Reasons to Buy an J&H RTM Home

1. BuilderTrend Home building software. BuilderTrend allows the home owner access from home or mobile device to monitor the progress of the home build, with updated pictures and schedules. 2. Quality Control A true commitment to Quality Control. We take quality seriously and have designed a comprehensive system to ensure quality is PRIORITY #1. 3. […]