Have you ever wondered if you could live in a tiny home? There is a growing movement to live more simply and J&H Homes wants to show that this can be accomplished while living comfortably and beautifully.

With 50 years’ experience building Ready-To-Move homes, the addition of tiny homes to our inventory of beautiful “regular size” show homes was a natural transition. Maintaining the meticulous workmanship and unique design that J&H RTM Homes are known for, J&H embraces the challenge to develop the innovative storage solutions and multi-functional spaces required in a diminutive floor plan.

**We are currently NOT building tiny homes.**

Custom Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are typically considered to be any style of home under 400 sq.ft. Whether used as a primary residence, seasonal cottage, or a guest house, J&H custom tiny homes can be as simple and economical or as luxurious as your taste and budget dictates.

Most people who live in tiny homes build custom. When you’re living in a small space, every inch counts and no two households have the same needs.

Consider: Do you entertain? What luxuries are important to you? Do you love to soak in the tub or is a shower all you need? We’ll ask the important questions and customize a tiny home design that’s right for you.

Building your own Tiny Home?

J&H can help you with the design and materials package. It’s your baby… let us source the best products for the best prices. We give you our Price Promise, so buying local doesn’t have to cost more.  Already have the plans? Submit them here for a full materials estimate

Calling all DIYers with a Tiny Home Dream

If you have some skills but aren’t quite ready to be your own Contractor, let us take care of the design & structure. Save money & be part of the process by doing the finishing yourself!

We welcome your questions. We have 50 years of home-building experience, including tiny home building. From time-to-tome we offer Home Building Seminars. Register here and we’ll notify you when the next seminar is scheduled.

Is it your dream to live off-grid?

J&H can help with this too. From solar-powered units to composting toilets, we can design and build a sustainable Tiny Home for you so you can be as close to Net Zero as you want.