Tiny Home FAQ

Tiny homes are not permitted on Saskatoon city lots at this time, though cities are shifting their mindset on this as the need for more affordable housing options grows. Check with your local municipality to find out the laws about tiny homes where you live. There are initiatives underway by independent groups to start tiny home communities outside of city limits, so exciting things are afoot!

No SK Home Warranty is available but we offer a 1-year warranty through J&H.

Our premier show home is 225sq.ft. The dimensions of  this tiny home model were determined so that it can be moved on roads without special permits. However, any home under 400 sq.ft. is considered to be a “Tiny Home”.

Tiny Homes range in price, just as regular-sized homes do. It will depend on whether you want it to be mobile or not, on the number of upgrades you choose, and on the size. If you are handy and want to do some of the work you can save money by doing the finishing yourself. Or maybe you plan to build it yourself from top to bottom – send us your blueprints and we can send you a materials estimate.  Our current, mobile tiny show home, with all the upgrades, costs $69,750.

This depends on usage. If it is left so that it can be moved from place to place it can be insured with a license plate, as an RV would. When the owner parks it seasonally or permanently, then the owner requires a package policy, based on the assessed value (different providers may call this different things: Package policy, Seasonal Cabin Trailer Policy, etc). We can help explain the difference and refer you to insurance providers who have experience with tiny homes.

Yes, you can! When you’re “living small” every inch of your home should be useful to you. Most people who live in tiny homes have custom plans made.

This is completely up to you and on the lot size. If you plan to keep it mobile, it must be less than 8 ½’ wide and 13 ½’ tall so that a special permit is not needed to move it on roads.

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