J&H Homes Saskatchewan: We are western Canada's most trusted RTM Builder.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a J&H RTM?
An RTM, ready-to-move home, is manufactured at our location and delivered to your site. Unlike modular homes, an RTM is constructed in one piece. Every home is completed on the exterior and interior with the exception of appliances, window coverings, and heating equipment.
Do you build custom homes or will you modify your standard J&H plans?
Yes, we have a draftsperson on staff to accommodate custom homes or modify our standard plans.
What is the price per square foot for a J&H home?
At J & H, we price our standard homes and your custom plans individually to offer you the best possible price per square foot.
How long does it take to build a house?
Currently homes are taking approximately 5-8 months to build. Many factors can affect the delivery time such as: the style of home, late customer information, special order product delays, weather and road bans.
What size of house can we move?
Depending upon the land location, we can usually move houses that are up to 36' wide by 60' long. Certain circumstances may allow or limit us to build within this size range. Please contact a salesperson for exact specifications.
How much room is needed to move a house onto the foundation?
Approximately 25 ft more than the length of the house is needed; but, it can vary with each site. Our moving company will be happy to give you more detailed information concerning the room needed to unload a house.
Do you build basements and garages?
Yes, only if it makes economical sense for our customers.
Do you offer painted, spantex, or snowtex ceilings?
Currently, we only offer snowtex ceilings.
Do you install hardwood floors?
Hardwood is installed after the home is delivered to the site. This guarantees the best possible installation and conforms with all manufacturers' warranties.
What's included in warranty?
For one year from the date of possession, workmanship and materials defects are covered. Water leak protection is for two years and major structural defects protection is for ten years.